nddsicon_hand“Innovative, easy-to-use, affordable.”


ndds has a licensing agreement with the Government of Ontario to make the product free to Ontario residents.

Available in English and French.

ndds plus checklist

The ndds+ Guide is an easy-to-use, developmental tool designed to improve comprehension, making it more accessible to parents who may have limited English literacy.

Each guide features one “yes” or “no” question about the child’s abilities per page, presented as a simple illustration, making the interview and facilitation process more effective. The 13 guides follow a child from 1 month of age up to 6 years, available by age or as a set.

As a double-sided, stand-up visual guide, the ndds+ allows the facilitator to see the question, illustration, and support material while the parent is shown only the current question and illustration. Each ndds+ includes a guide and a pad of ndds+ checklists, an illustrated record of the answers for parents to keep or share with other health/child care professionals. Additional ndds+ checklists are also available separately.

The ndds+ features:

1. Illustrated Questions

Each question is presented as a simple illustration to increase comprehension.

2. Double-sided Stand-up Format

Sturdy, spiral bound format (9.4” x 6.6”). Parents are shown the current question and illustration while the facilitator sees the question, illustration, and support material.

3. Follow-up Questions and Notes

Included in the support material are specific item clarifications, alternate questions, and examples to encourage a more accurate response from the parent.

4. Developmental Markers

Symbols indicating the areas of development covered by the question are also included in the support material.


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