ndds on demand offers unlimited site-wide printing and photocopying of the ndds checklist in a parent friendly format. Please visit our store.


The ndds can provide on-site training for facilitators to assist customers with maximizing the benefits of the tool. The half and full day interactive workshops are tailored to your specific group and will explore various aspects of implementing a cost and time effective developmental monitoring program, such as:

  • Why monitoring child development is important
  • How to talk to parents about the results
  • How to use the ndds into a busy schedule

All presenters are frontline workers in early intervention programs with years of experience and varied backgrounds. Best of all, every presenter is an original creator of the ndds.

For more information on arranging an ndds training workshop, please contact the ndds Office Administrator at info@ndds.ca or 1-888-582-0944.

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e: info@ndds.ca
t: (705) 472-9211 or 1-888-582-0944
f: (705) 472-9588