"How do you know when a child needs early intervention? We give you a developmental checklist"


"It is so important for parents to monitor their child’s development. As a pediatrician, it gives me more information to assist in my evaluation when parents have completed the ndds checklist."

- Dr. Linsey Mutch BScH, MD, FRCP(C) Pediatrics

"We would recommend that every agency dealing with children should have access to the ndds. It has been a useful tool for us in getting families to recognize that their child may require a little assistance/intervention to achieve certain developmental goals. We like that parents can use the checklist to monitor their child and many use them at every age level."

- Carole Ann Bethune & Karen Adams, Nipissing Ontario Early Years Centre

"The ndds is a great tool to introduce parents (particularly new parents) to child development. Our hope is that they will find it easy to use as well as helpful - especially the activity sheets - in their new role as parents and will continue to use the ndds at least up until their child starts school."

- Linda McLay, Coordinator, CAPC & Mothercare


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