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Ontario's Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit

What is the Enhanced 18 Month Well-Baby Visit?

Eighteen months is a milestone in a child's development and a visit to a family physician or other health care provider at this time is important. Ontario has recognized the importance of the 18-month well-baby visit by funding a longer, more in-depth visit. The overall goal of this new initiative is to better support the healthy development and well-being of Ontario's children. What it means for you and your child is that you can have a more detailed discussion about your child with your family physician or other health care provider.

How do they use the ndds and what do they think about it?

The ndds was chosen for the Enhanced 18 Month Well-Baby Visit because it is a convenient and easy-to-use method of recording the development and progress of infants and children that can be completed by parents. It is a quick survey that determines any areas that may require some extra attention.

What is the Canadian Paediatric Society position on the Enhanced 18 Month Well-Baby Visit?

The Canadian Paediatric Society position statement about the 18 month visit can be viewed by clicking the link below


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